I'm a Product Design Manager at Dropbox focused on Machine Intelligence and the future of work.


About Me






Be curious

Deep curiosity and a quest for knowledge across a broad set of evolving topics drive much of my life. Learning about anything and everything forms a foundational way of thinking that allows me to approach every problem with fresh eyes.

Be candid

Being open and honest in expression; frankness, leads to better work and better relationships. I can be honest with my feelings to strangers, however I struggle to share depth as I get closer to people for fear of judgement.

Find pressure

I find pressure to be exhilarating. I grow the most when there is an external force pushing me to learn something new. Alternatively, when I find a subject particularly interesting, I will throw myself into it, sometimes at the risk of letting other responsibilities suffer.

Seek diversity

I think teams need a diversity of view points including personal background, career levels, motivations and passions. I personally love to think, ideate, criticize, and explore ideas as a way of expanding my perspective but partner with people who are motivated and strong with follow-through.